History & Vision

Dear Friends,

When starting my first design and development of loudspeaker about 15 years ago in a small workshop, I would have never imagined it would evolve into industrial production of wide range of speakers present in dozens of countries on five continents.

We’ve gone trough great challenges to achieve ambitious goals and here we are, so let me explain how it all started.

Our story began in early 90’s when I was 12 year-old boy passionate for sound and music. Starting with guitar lessons and DJ animation for events, I got a strong feeling for music and accumulated knowledge about deepness of sound quality.

Xavier Marchal
Co-founder and developer


Burning with enthusiasm and being self-educated I started to learn and undesrtand how it works and began to build my first acoustic cabinet with eletronics at the age of 17. That encouraged me to deepen my knowledge by studying electronics and then electromechanic industrial engineering, meanwhile pursuing my passion for music at the mixing desk on gigs.

Using self-made speakers and amps I gained plenty of valuable and relevant experience for a professional. Useful feedback from rental industry regarding my own ideas on design, development, performances of reliable professional and powerful sound systems boost me to move forward in creating my own brand.

Individual passion turned into teamwork.
AUDIOFOCUS was born.

Thanks to our field experience and knowledge we had the aim to develop high quality and reliable cabinets for professional market. The main idea was to have excellent protection system, use only European components, have R&D and manufacturing in Belgium while maintaining very tight relationship with our partners.

AUDIOFOCUS is above all a matter of passion and that remains unchanged since we started.

Passion & Technology


AUDIOFOCUS aspires to improve the world’s sound restitution by providing an alternative to top brand products but remaining in the segment of high-end loudspeakers at a reasonable price and with higher return on investment.

Our team is always available to support you with all the critical information necessary for any types of projects, so that you are able to make an optimal selection of AUDIOFOCUS products for any type of sound application.

In order to disseminate knowledge among our partners on how to handle the AUDIOFOCUS systems at various kinds of projects, our company regularly holds training sessions and seminars. Taking place both locally and internationally, they are aimed at boosting partners’ confidence in their work with the AUDIOFOCUS products and delivering quality performance at memorable events.


The weakest element in the majority of speakers is the voice coil that dissipates a lot of energy. After meticulous research on transducer’s efficiency we decided to design our own protection systems and so the Proportional Protection System (PPS) was born.

A crucial difference between the PPS and competitors’ protection systems is that PPS works on LF and HF transducers in a very smooth way and doesn’t need any component replacement. Besides, PPS matches perfectly the transducers’ thermal dissipation.

Research & Development


Launch of a project requires extensive know-how, experience and support of design software that we consider as R&D tools.

From the very start, AUDIOFOCUS has been using CAD simulations while launching new projects and creating prototypes to validate the theories.

Currently we are using electronic design software, 2D, 3D drawing software, a number of software lab types to measure distortion, spl, phase, and all the physical data necessary to improve the projects and create an uncompromising product.


The key principle of AUDIOFOCUS philosophy is creating no compromise audio systems in terms of long term reliability, performance and quality – the details that make a difference.

Each system is prototyped at our company production facilities and tested in our destroying room where we can increase the temperature up to 50°c to check thermal resistance of our products.

After a system has been designed and tested, we collaborate with beta-testers who use it on stage and give us feedback on improvements to make. Then the product is 90% ready and is sent again into the destroying room to test its limits.

The final stage is fine tuning such as ergonomics and audio adjustment.

Production & Assembly


Right from the start, our philosophy and objectives were focused on developing sound systems for professionals by keeping in mind same guideline - Design & Manufacture in Belgium - by using only European components to ensure quality, reliability and availability in the long term. 

It all remains true today since in order to ensure a speedy response to the demand and to arrange an optimal manufacturing process, we've brought all the stages of our production under the same roof. 
We use the last generation of CNC milling machines, assembly, finish, paint and component placements all undergoing the quality control before packaging & shipment.